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That laugh at the end is just so(iДi)

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I take after my parents about my hands, my parents both have big hands and long fingers - Sungjong | translation © Qhuong

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The time has finally come. To show my gratitude and also how sorry I am for not maintaining my blog well these past months, I’m finally going to hold a giveaway for my followers!
First of all, I apologize for the delay of the giveaway but here it is. I’m not going to be on tumblr anymore (i think, but ya know…) since I don’t have much time for it and other personal reasons. So here it goes! ^^
There will be 3 winners.
1st Prize: INFINITE Be Back Album + INFINITE Official Lightstick
2nd Prize: INFINITE Be Back Album + MY BOTTLE
3rd Prize: INFINITE Be Back Album + Small gift
Terms & Conditions as follow:
  • Please fill up this short form to participate. It’s a must.
  • You must be my follower because this giveaway is meant for my followers. As I’m leaving tumblr, I don’t care if you are going to follow me for the giveaway and then unfollow me afterwards. As long as you are one of my follower by the time this giveaway ends, you’re in.
  • This giveaway is based on reblogs. The more you reblog, the higher the chance of winning. It’s not going to be a random winner. So reblog as much as you want, but if it annoys others I’m not responsible for it.
  • Please take note that no reblogs to a giveaway blog. Unless it is an active side blog, I will not count those reblogs in.
  • For every reblog of this giveaway, please tag it as #nambrowsgiveaway. If you don’t tag it, I won’t be able to trace it. (and to those who hates seeing giveaway post on your dashboard, you can just blacklist that tag.)
  • This giveaway is open to all countries. I’ll ship worldwide.
  • Lastly, giveaway ends on 14 October 2014 2359hrs and I’ll be announcing the winners on 25 October 2014.

You can read more on the giveaway here and any updates, I’ll be posting there too. Good luck and until then, goodbye! ^^;;

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dongwoo and woohyun with male audiences

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She was the most beautiful, pure and innocent girl I had ever seen; When I locked my eyes on her, I knew, she could never be mine, but I longed for her to the point of depression.

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140823 Dongwoo does the Ice Bucket Challenge! »

140823 Dongwoo does the Ice Bucket Challenge!

[Eng Sub] 140806 INFINITE – Naver Starcast : That Summer Concert 2 Rehearsal ..

Part1 || Part2 || Part3 || Part4 || Part5

Let’s all say thanks to Chibi Chan for subbing this in HD

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♡Giveaway time!~ *!!!!!!please read ALL RULES very important!!!!!!!!*

Five Winners♡

♡What’s it for??????:♡

  • Her by Block B - Jaehyo Photocard *OPTIONAL: JACKPOT POSTER* (also: the end of the poster is slightly messed up from the store that sent it to me closing the shipping tube the wrong way, if this bothers you i can take a picture of it and show you, it’s not that bad though)
  • Be Back by Infinite - NO photocard, FIRST PRINT photobook, you get the photobook that comes with all albums, and then also get the special photobook that only was printed with the first batch of albums) *OPTIONAL: BE BACK POSTER*
  • Second Invasion Infinite Concert DVD
  • TWO JYJ Premere Photobooks (Although I have two of these, only one comes with the DVD, sorry… when i bought them i only received one for some reason and the store wouldnt send me another one, i got a refund tho hehe)

♡None of these CDs/DVDs have ever been played or used, and Second Invasion and both JYJ photobooks have never ever even been opened and are still in their plastic♡

♡Deadline: September 20th♡


Since this giveaway covers three different fandoms, please tag your reblog as the group you are entering for! You can tag two or even all of them if you want

if you’re entering for infinite, i would appreciate if you tag whether you want Be Back or Second Invasion, but you dont have to if you’re okay with either!!

Likes dont count, sorry I need to be able to check your tags!♡

You don’t have to be following me but if you want to you can!! im pretty cool B)♡

♡Thanks, and good luck you guys!!♡

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Thank you ’ Inspirit ‘ 

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[INFO] 140822 Lee Geonmyung choose Sunggyu for ice bucket challenge

*Can’t wait to see grandpa doing it xD and if you wonder wwho is he , he is from the cast of Musical Vampire with sunggyu

woollimboss' als ice bucket challenge
(please do consider supporting the als association!)

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when sungyeol proposed myungsoo with a house on their fake date

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Back Lullaby Ver.

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[Eng Sub] High School: Love On


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