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“DAMMIT WOOLLIM” — every inspirit at some point ever (via dongyas)

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His hamster eyes so big

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when a wild gyu appears…. it’s to videobomb namu (◕✿)

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#인피니트 #엘 #이렇게김치해줄꺼니 #Noi

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#인피니트 #성종 #boy #Noi

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[140729 4Things Show] Kim Sung Kyu - I Need You (Acoustic Ver.)

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Anonymous asked: Where can i find sunggyu's mnet 4 thing show english subbed 140729 ? Please help!

You can find it here :)

You can find it here :)

INFINITE Take A Traditional Route For Latest Music Promotions Amidst Popular Trends



The K-pop industry has become more provocative and become a type of fashion to chase one after another, but boy group INFINITE is maintaining the original intention of music and getting people’s attention.

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ENG SUB 140729 MNET 4 Things Show with INFINITE Sunggyu Full

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times sunggyu feels sad & alone

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